Past fairs

aelita jewellery is regularly trading at Greenwich Market, London. Follow @aelitajewellery on Instagram and stay updated.



Aelita has established aelita jewellery with an aspiring idea to celebrate crochet, the traditional textile craft, by transforming it into contemporary jewellery making.

Each piece of aelita jewellery is unique; carefully created by hand using a copper thread, later plated in precious metals in the famous Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter and London’s Hatton Garden.

Crochet is a process that interweaves the designer’s biography and sentiments that have roots in Aelita’s childhood, notion of nostalgia and personal way of meditation.

‘I make objects that are removed from necessity – we don’t need these objects to survive. However, I see such objects as products and subject of discourse. And this is just one of the reasons why they are amazing creations.’

‘I see my jewellery as something that makes the wearer themself feel beautiful rather than purely look beautiful.’

CHOCO Collection

The CHOCO is a signature collection of hand crocheted metal jewellery plated in a range of precious metals such as 18K yellow gold, silver, rose gold and black rhodium. Each piece is handmade and is unique in its rights.

If a piece of jewellery you like is sold, please get in touch via email

Lost and Found in the Sea

Inspired by the seaside, hand-carved, and cast in 925 sterling silver this unisex jewellery collection celebrates imperfections and undeniable beauty of Mother Nature.