Aelita Galevska is a British based contemporary jewellery designer and maker.

She has been trained in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter at the School of Jewellery - the largest jewellery school in Europe.

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Aelita successfully completed a BA (Hons) Jewellery Design & Related Products course in 2016. After she finished the course, she secured a place to study MA in Art History and Curating course at the University of Birmingham, UK.

The one-year program enabled her to get a deeper understanding of contextual research and helped to position her own practice within a wider historic framework.  

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Aelita is currently based in Hertfordshire, UK and surrounded by endless fields.


philosophy behind aelita jewellery


Aelita established aelita jewellery in 2017 with an aspiring idea to celebrate crochet, the traditional textile craft, by transforming it into contemporary jewellery making. For Aelita, crochet is a process that interweaves the designer’s biography and sentiments that have roots in Aelita’s childhood, notion of nostalgia and personal way of meditation.

As an artist, designer and maker, she reflects on her passion to tactile relationships that are established between hands, materials and final outcomes through a process of  hand production. She creates pure forms that emphasise the silent aspects of beauty and the technique that is used to make them. After many years of practicing a skill of crochet back home and developing her visual language at academia, Aelita is creating affordable yet unique contemporary jewellery that is built on passion for handcraft, tactile relationships between a maker and materials and personal empowerment.

I make objects that are removed from necessity – we don’t need these objects to survive.

However, I see such objects as products and subject of discourse. And this is just one of the reasons why they are amazing creations.
How often are you asked about your mass-produced pieces of jewellery that you are wearing? Of course, you get these questions and I suppose there are mainly two of them. Where are they from and how much do they cost. That’s it. Don’t get lost in a non-sense mass anonymity.

Craft is still an opposition against big-money capitalism just as it was more than a century ago. It is still a social movement without a certain understanding of where it is going, however craft gives thousands of people dignity of their own labour, control of production, sustainability and personal empowerment.

aelita jewellery hand crocheted metal jewellery
aelita jewellery

I see my jewellery as something that makes the wearer themself feel beautiful rather than purely look beautiful. I strongly believe that everything starts within an individual's mindset and later interweaves with the outside world. With the jewellery I create, I wish to extend a passion to traditional craft and deliver it to those who appreciate its limitlessness and potential.