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Looking after plated aelita jewellery

Plated jewellery should be wiped gently with a clean cloth to maintain its surface coating. Aggressive polishing, silver polishing liquids and ultrasonic cleaning will damage plated jewellery, and contact with abrasive or rough surfaces should be avoided. It is normal for plating to wear away over time and replating can be done either at your local jeweller or you can come back to me.

Wet, humid and warm conditions, as well as perspiration, cause jewellery corrosion which is why it’s best to avoid wearing jewellery in the bath, sauna or during swimming and sports. Similarly, make-up, creams, hairspray, perfume and household chemicals can speed up the tarnishing process.

To avoid scratches and damage, jewellery should be stored separately from other jewellery pieces or in individual compartments inside jewellery boxes. 


Aelita uses a very fine copper wire or fine silver wire to crochet her jewellery by hand. All elements are sewn using the same metal thread and a needle. It is later plated in various precious metals in London’s Jewellery Quarter. As each piece of  jewellery is made by hand, it has some artistic imperfections that make its aesthetics even more sophisticated. Despite that some of the designs are repeated, each pair is unique and one of a kind in its own respect. 

What is plating?

Plating is a method of applying a thin layer of precious metal onto the surface of another metal through a process of electrolysis. The thickness of the metal layer that is applied is measured in microns (1 microns equals to one millionth of a meter). Plastic shopping bags are currently about 15 microns thick. Normally high street jewellery brands apply 0.2 - 0.5 micron on their jewellery. aelita jewellery earrings are plated with 2 or 5 micron thick layer of precious metal.  There are several suggestions that you can follow yourself to increase the  life of the plating - please read the ‘Looking after plated aelita jewellery’ section.


aelita jewellery offers re-plating service (not available for the stud earrings) if you feel your jewellery needs a fresh metal dipping. There will be an extra charge for this service.